Giving Thanks

With a nod to Dave Anderson of the New York Times, my annual Thanksgiving thank you post:

Thank you to the 8-2 New York Knicks, who are reminding New Yorkers what it is to love basketball played the easy way.

Thank you to Carmelo Anthony for changing his game just enough to make it work without losing his identity as a player.

Thank you to Raymond Felton for playing point guard with everything in mind, picking his spots and finding them for others.

Thank you to Jason Kidd for knocking down all those jumpers and setting the pass-first tone.

Thank you to Iman Shumpert’s flattop. 

Thank you to Tyson Chandler for showing on screens as well as any big man in the league and for all those tip-out offensive rebounds.

Thank you to Mike Woodson for proving he’s no one-trick pony and putting this team on the right track.

Thank you to J.R. Smith for limiting himself to two blind turnaround jumpers a game.

Thank you to Kurt Thomas and Marcus Camby, two guys who make me think about 1999 when I was sixteen and the Knicks made their mad dash to the Finals. Those were the days. They just might be again. Here’s to making a thirty year-old feel like a kid.

Thank you to Ronnie Brewer for having a jump shot that has as many hitches in it as mine.

Thank you to Rasheed Wallace for being Rasheed Wallace without apology and for contributing meaningfully when most thought he was nothing more than a punchline.

Thank you to the Brooklyn Nets for establishing themselves and raising the level of basketball fandom in this city. Everybody wins when a rivalry gets good.

Thank you to the Los Angeles Lakers for giving Mike D’Antoni another chance. Lost in the shuffle in New York is that D’Antoni is an excellent, exciting coach. He deserves a fair shake out west.

Thank you to all the writers and bloggers out there who keep me endlessly entertained both in their writing and on twitter. 

A very special thanks to the professionals who shouted me out in their excellent work this year, especially Katie Baker, Seth Rosenthal and Tommy Dee. Thanks also to Construction Literary Magazine for giving me a place to write about the NBA playoffs. I can’t tell you guys how much I appreciate the links, mentions and opportunities. 

More than anything, I’m thankful to two overlapping groups of people. The first is anyone who has ever laid eyes on this blog. I still can’t believe anyone does. The second is all my friends and family who put up with my Knicks compulsion, who deal with my aggressive argumentation at parties, who agree to pass up the first bar we see because it doesn’t have the game on and who encourage me to do all the things that I do, blog-related and otherwise. If you’re reading this now, you fall into one of these categories and so I say thank you so very much.

Thanks a lot world for another great year. Have a great Thanksgiving!