Wait, Cliff Robinson Did What?

My good friend Kenny the Dog Walker is a serious hoops head and an excellent standup comedian. I suppose now is when I should tell you his name is actually Kenny Garcia. This man knows the number every guy in the NBA has ever worn. If you see a Puerto Rican guy walking fourteen dogs at the same time, feel free to yell any ’80s or ’90s NBA player at him, star or not, and he will yell the number he wore back at you. Anyway, Kenny was reviewing the NBA record book the other week when he found out some disturbing information. I’ll let him take it from here.

Cliff Robinson has scored the most meaningless points in NBA History. Where do you think Uncle Cliff ranks on the all time list? Tell the truth. Well, I’ll tell you. He is 40th on the NBA and 44th on the NBA/ABA combined list. That’s 19,591 points. He’s the Fred McGriff of the NBA! Oh, and he made a cool 61 million bucks! I’ve watched a lot of NBA games and highlights over the years and I have absolutely no recollection of anything Cliff Robinson ever did. How was he scoring all these baskets? Think about how many more points he could have scored if he hadn’t gotten suspended five games for weed when he was on the Nets

Are you sure you want to know some of the notable names Cliff fucking Robinson is ahead of? Are you sure? Fine, here it is:

Scottie Pippen

Isiah Thomas

Rick Barry

Dr. J (NBA only)

Glen Rice

Chris Mullin

Lenny Wilkens

Magic Johnson

Kevin Mchale

Chris Webber

Tiny Archibald

James Worthy

Tracy McGrady

Jerry Stackhouse

Pete Maravich

Rasheed Wallace

Walt Frazier

Earl Monroe

Joe Dumars

Steve Nash

I mean, I don’t even know what to think. You think you know a league and now this.