I Warned You

I don’t have much time today so this will be quick. 

Blowing a fifteen point fourth quarter lead? That was the worst case scenario; if the Knicks don’t make the playoffs last night’s game will be the one that cost them. I’m not going to get into Melo’s almost-heroics down the stretch because they shouldn’t have been necessary. The Knicks lack of a quality point guard was obvious last night as they didn’t have anyone to slow things down and right the ship. For a pure scorer like Melo the answer is always going to be “go get a basket.” But the Knicks needed a few plays where they went with “bleed the clock and get to the foul line.”  They don’t have anyone to force that plan into action.

They need to shoot free throws better (72% last night). Woodson should have used his timeouts a little earlier. They wasted a tremendous night from Melo (39 very impressive points on 17-31 shooting). They need to not get caught up with the refs and play through contact, they are becoming one of those teams that is in it with the refs every night. That’s never good.

Some other notes:

  • Woodson, mad at Shumpert, played Bibby and Toney Douglas together. My mind was blown. How mad at Shumpert did he have to be?
  • I don’t think JR will get suspended for knocking Barbosa down but I do think Barbosa should go to the police and ask to be placed in protective custody
  • Toney Douglas wasn’t particularly good but he wasn’t to blame for the loss. They need to keep getting him out there.
  • There were some awesome defensive stretches for the Knicks in the second and third quarters, including at least two 24 second violations and a few beat the clock heaves forced. Douglas was a part of that. Too bad there wasn’t anything similar in the fourth. Did I mention they gave up forty points in the fourth?
  • That may have been Melo’s best game since he had to do it alone in Boston during the playoffs
  • Aside from a stretch in the second quarter where he threw up some ugly bricks, Landry Fields had a good game, finishing with fifteen and even getting to play in the second half.
  • Baron Davis - 2/8 for six points and three assists - is terrible. He’s earth bound, can’t seem to get the ball up to rim level late and is just out of rhythm with the game, both offensively and defensively. He didn’t have any turnovers but had quite a few almosts. I guess that’s progress. I don’t know. I miss Jeremy Lin.
  • Granger, who killed the Knicks down the stretch, did the discount double check. This is like the NFL.
  • Watching Lance Stephenson dance on the bench is scary. 

The Knicks’ lead on the Bucks is now down to a game and a half. New York is off tonight, Milwaukee hosts Cleveland. Ugh.


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