Recent Knick Wins Bode Well For The Playoffs

I don’t have a lot of time to recap last night’s game (just take a look at the box score, it is glorious). I just want to point out that Mike Woodson’s Knicks are putting together a body of work that bodes well for a first round playoff win, provided they find a way to avoid Chicago or Miami in round one.

They’ve beaten Indiana twice in back-to-back nights, Philadelphia and now Orlando in the Woodson era. If you want to call the Bucks a playoff team - they do have a shot - feel free to add them to the list. Atlanta on Friday night is another opportunity to go against a playoff team. 

The Hawks are quietly having a strong season so winning in the ATL won’t be easy. I’m hoping the Knicks can resist the temptation to party in Hotlanta (something teams coming to New York don’t seem to be capable of lately) and earn another win against a playoff team. 


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