Knicks 91 - Bobcats 87

I don’t have a lot of time this morning so let me give you a couple of sentences on the Knicks’ last three games: After they lost to both Toronto and Charlotte last week, I said that as long as they beat Washington, Detroit and Charlotte in a rematch, things would be alright. They did that, even if the Wizards and Bobcats games were entirely too close. Now they’re 5-4 with two tough games coming up: a home match with Atlantic Division leading Philadelphia on Wednesday and at Memphis on Thursday. A win over Philly would be really nice. Beating Memphis would be a major bonus. 

The Knicks are a work in progress. Amar’e needs to relax on offense. Carmelo and Jared Jeffries need to get healthy. Toney Douglas needs to regain his confidence as he returns to his role as an energy guard off the bench. Knick fans need to help him with some positive encouragement. Iman Shumpert needs to stop cramping. Baron Davis needs to heal and integrate himself into the offense. I could go on. Sure, it’s been kind of ugly. But a win is a win is a win and I’ll take each of the last three. They’re over .500 and have won three straight. Let’s stop acting like the battered fan base that we are: every losing streak is not the harbinger of a decline to the depths, nor is a big win a sign that the Knicks are ready to contend. Most results are just another tally mark, especially this early in the season.  

All that said, Philadelphia will be a nice test. I’m looking forward to it.