Is This The Fattest Trade In NBA History?

I was doing a little Clarence Weatherspoon research (don’t ask) and I came upon this:

August 30, 2000: As part of a 3-team trade, traded by the Miami Heat with Chris Gatling and a 2001 1st round draft pick (Brendan Haywood) to the Cleveland Cavaliers; the Cleveland Cavaliers traded Shawn Kemp to the Portland Trail Blazers; the Portland Trail Blazers traded Gary Grant to the Cleveland Cavaliers; and the Portland Trail Blazers traded Brian Grant to the Miami Heat.

Now, I’d call the 2000 versions of Spoon, Gatling and Kemp fat outright and Haywood kind of fat.  I think Gary Grant might have been a little fat too.

Either way, what a bunch of fat guys getting traded. 


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