Trading Carmelo Anthony for Blake Griffin is a Terrible Idea

If the Knicks really think Carmelo Anthony is leaving, it’s time to tear this whole thing down and start over. Blake Griffin, who is averaging 22.1 points and 10.6 rebounds to Melo’s 26.2 and 8.9, is not going to make the Knicks better than they are now. And paying him upwards of $17 million annually until 2017-18 won’t give the Knicks any meaningful increase in cap flexibility, which they’ll need considering Griffin is an extremely limited player outside of his ability to dunk the basketball. He can’t shoot free throws, rarely shoots his jump shot and is a poor defender. He’s had the luxury of playing with Chris Paul for the last couple of seasons and the two of them have won ONE playoff series. Sounds a little like the Knicks and Melo, except Melo’s out there with Raymond Felton. Now, there is one point guard the Knicks are also rumored to covet, and that’s Rajon Rondo. Well he can’t shoot either, which would leave the Knicks to figure out how to find a stretch five who can also protect the rim (because Griffin can’t). Too bad Kevin Garnett’s washed up, he’d be a nice fit. If the Knicks really think they are going to lose Carmelo Anthony, they should trade him for some combination of draft picks, young players and cap relief. Not a highly paid player with a limited offensive game who relies on his athletic ability and has had microfracture surgery. That’s right, microfracture surgery, just like another highly paid offensive player who relied on his athletic ability and had microfracture surgery before coming to the Garden. And how’s that working out?